5 Useful Tips On Writing A Winning Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is a really intimidating and time consuming task since it is the longest and the most complex document that you have ever written. When writing this extensive document, the goal of many students is to finish it on time. Although this is important, but more important is the ability to produce a meaningful and effective dissertation within the given deadline. For this, one needs to follow some useful tips that are mentioned below:

                    1.       Set your goals


Before starting to write your dissertation, set your goals. Plan how will you go about your research and state what you want to achieve through it. Make sure that the goals are aligned according to the topic of the research and integrate with every step of the dissertation writing process. Be realistic in setting your goals and make them achievable.

                    2.       Make a schedule


Set a schedule for yourself and adhere to it. You know at what time of the day your brain is the most active, so plan your time accordingly. If your mind is active in the morning, then dedicate that part of the day to your dissertation. If you feel best working at night, then allocate your time appropriately. Plan the specific number of pages you’ll write within a set period of time. It is also good to find a peaceful place so that you can work comfortably without any distractions.

                   3.       Follow the guidelines


Every university provides a set of guidelines for writing the dissertation. You must follow these guidelines for creating a successful piece of work. The guidelines usually include the format or style in which the dissertation is to be presented, the chapters to be included, the required length (number of pages) and the word count. If you haven’t been given the set of guidelines, then ask your supervisor or advisor to provide you one.

                    4.       Seek help


Your advisory committee will provide you assistance in the entire dissertation writing process. They will always be there to help you out if you’re stuck on something. Present your rough drafts to the committee and have discussions with them on your progress. Ask the advisor to provide you suggestions and feedback for your dissertation.

                   5.     Maintain consistency and eliminate errors


Make your writing as consistent as possible. Maintain the flow and consistency within and between the paragraphs so that it sounds sensible to the reader. Also, focus on your grammar, spellings and sentence structure. Make sure that your writing is free of errors and typos and your statements well-structured and logical.

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