5 Quick Tips For Writing Great Dissertation Prospectus

Dissertation ProspectusA dissertation prospectus is a document that provides introductory information about the proposed research. It is a sound piece of writing that states the main thesis and highlights the main arguments of the dissertation. It does not provide a summary or an introduction of the dissertation; rather it serves as a plan for developing the dissertation proposal. It attempts to describe what has been planned for the research. It also serves as a document upon which the entire planning of your dissertation is based. The prospectus is presented to the dissertation committee which formulates the questions according to it and either approves or disapproves it.

Students are advised to start working on their prospectus as soon as they are assigned the deadline for submission after completing the doctoral candidacy examination. An effective dissertation prospectus should include a description of the topic and area that your dissertation will investigate and the reason why this topic and area are worth investigating. It should also include a precise outline of all the chapters contained in your dissertation along with a complete bibliography. Although there isn’t any recipe for developing an effective dissertation prospectus, but all students should keep the following points in mind:

1.       Begin early

Start working on your dissertation prospectus early by clarifying what the dissertation advisory committee expects from you. The goal of every committee is to guide students to develop a dissertation that will provide a strong basis for their future. It provides support and advice to students in all the phases of their dissertation writing process. The committee expects the students to write a dissertation that contributes to their academic career.

2.       Ask for samples

You can ask your advisory committee to provide you a few samples of the dissertation prospectus written by previous students. By reviewing the samples, you’ll have a better idea of the proper layout and format of the prospectus and the requirements of your advisory committee. The works of previous students will be helpful in approving your prospectus.

3.       Outline the chapters

Make a sequential outline of all the important chapters that will be included in your dissertation. This will help you move forward significantly and have a clear focus of the actual piece of writing.

4.       State the problem

State the problem that your dissertation seeks to address. The problem can be hypothetical or historical but it must always be presented in the form of a question.

5.       Explain the methods

Briefly state and explain the methods that will be employed in your research. By explaining the research methods, the committee will be sure that you have a clear understanding of the goals of the research and that you are aware of the research instruments.

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